Landscape Consultation Services at Rozett's Nursery

Nursery GardenYou can have a fruitful and productive landscape full of fruit trees and flowers that maintain aesthetic appeal and minimize maintenance. Rozett's Nursery offers you garden landscaping consultation for all home and business owners in Keaau, HI.

Not only do we offer a wide selection of landscaping designs, but we also offer plants in our retail nursery that you can use to complete your design. From topsoil to proper tree maintenance, to weed control and irrigation repair our advice and products help you establish with a healthy and beautifully grown garden.

Even if you just want us to design and build a flower garden to plant all of your favorite plants and flowers, not only will we help you build one according to your size and budget, but we will give you the advice and products you need to keep your flower garden blooming in top condition.

Have Rozett's Nursery’s garden landscapers design and help you maintain your commercial or residential garden landscape today! We are happy to provide our clients with outstanding service and a beautiful garden in Keaau, HI.


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